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Image: I think
Spyder's 'Other' Corner

The Corrosive Challenges -  Always Anything Goes
Lil Patch of Crafty Friends -  Always Anything Goes 

B-I-N-G-O Challenge

It's time for BINGO Challenge.

Blue + Player's Choice / Sentiment/ + Ribbon
Diecut + Pearl + Ribbon
My card:

Size: 21 sm./15sm.
I fall in love with this image! Thank you Bugaboo!
This is me!
I colored this image as Lynn.

613 Avenue Create #205 (January) Anything Goes w/Optional Twist: Something New
/ new image, new paper/
International Art & Soul -  #25 Use Something Digital (W1 of 2)

Here is the furst variant of my card

Ribbon + Bugaboo Image + Dots
/ and this "stripes" paper/- NO!
actualy I had forgotten the stripes
OMG - What to do ?!

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CELEBRATE Bugaboo Stamps 8th Birthday! - Day 2

I don't know will I make the complete set of cards -
but here's my modest contribution to the celebration of Bugaboo

Не знам дали ще направя пълния комплект картички -
но ето моя скромен принос към тържеството на
 My card:
Size: 15sm./21 sm.
8th Birthday Bash - Day 2
Crafting from the Heart -Always Anything Goes

Colour Crazy Challenge -  Anything Goes

 Get creating & join the celebration!

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Честита Нова 2018 Година!


 Ето какво купих от Италианската сладкарница. / Here's what I bought from the Italian pastry shop.

 Баница с късмети. / Pie with fortune.
 Новата година посрещнахме без сняг. / We met the New Year without snow.

         Това е картичката, коята получих от Мари - Мария Ганчева, от Картичкофурийската размяна на картички 2017. Много е хубава. Страхотно зимно настроение. Благодаря ти, Мари!
         This is the card I got from  Maria Gancheva, from the Cardiff Fairs card exchange 2017
         It is very nice. Great winter mood. Thank you, Marie!
             И подаръчето - комплект дизайнерски хартии./And the gift - a set of design papers.

неделя, 31 декември 2017 г.

December in pictures IV

          Традиционна за новогодишната трапеза е Руската салата, която руснаците наричат
 " Оливие", заради майонезата в нея.
 Traditional for the New Year's Eve is the Russian salad, which the Russians call
  "Olivier" because of the mayonnaise in it.

 Here's the ready Russian salad.
a dish prepared with sauerkraut and several types of meat

събота, 30 декември 2017 г.

December in pictures III

Италианска сладкарница Dolce Mela 
вече и в София на адрес: ул. “Кърниградска” 14
Italian patisserie Dolce Mela
already in Sofia at 14 Karnigradska Str

Какво купих - тук.  / What I bought - here.
Pub "The three-legged chicken"
Tender chicken fillet
(450 g)
with mushrooms, peeled tomatoes and olives, on thaiatoli and pesto sauce